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Photovoltaic solar power generation is one of the most elegant ways to produce electricity. Solar radiation produces electric charge differences in small crystal layers, which can be converted to electricity and fed into the grid without any emission, noise and with low wear.

The worldwide installed power station capacity of solar power generation has increased from 15 Gigawatt at the beginning of 2009 to over 100 Gigawatt at the end of 2012. Drivers of this growth have been subsidized feed-in-tariffs and purchase guarantees, established in approx. 40 countries based on the model of the Renewable Energy Law in Germany. This development accompanied with sinking feed-in-tariffs has forced the manufacturers of panels and other equipment for solar power plants to decrease their production and sales prices. Meanwhile the production cost of solar power is below the purchase price of conventional power for industrial and private costumers.

The conditions for production and utilization of solar power have changed essentially. Due to lower production costs the generation of solar power gets meanwhile profitable in more regions worldwide. On the other hand the time of subsidies and purchase guarantees runs out. Power Purchase Agreements with local large-scale consumers and network operators or power generation for own consumption are the common trends. A combination of solar power with other renewable energies and new storage technologies are the key success factors for the future.

Services of enCO2 in the field of PV are:

  • enCO2 plans and builds as independent general constructor solar power plants.
  • enCO2 takes over the technical and administrative management (M&O) for owner and investors.
  • enCO2 advises investors and owners on questions concerning technique, re-financing or sale of existing power plants.
  • enCO2 provides full service for identification of suitable plants, technical and economical assessment (Due Diligence) and financing.

The core competence of enCO2 is the holistic approach to energy consumption, energy generation and utilization.

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