Bio Refinery “Strathmore” in Alberta, Canada

By integrating advanced bio ethanol and biogas production, as well as water sustainability systems, the Bio Refinery “Strathmore” in Alberta, Canada, offers innovative new standards in biofuels production.


The Bio Refinery “Strathmore” is a shovel-ready plant development with the capacity to produce 157.4 million liters per year of wheat-based ethanol; 1,760,000 MMBtu per year biogas nameplate capacities, and an 11.5 MWhr combined heat and power (CHP) facility with associated water treatment systems near Calgary, Alberta. The Project will meet both Canada and Alberta’s Renewable Fuels Standard mandates.


Our Partner Team Gemini brings from Europe a 30% more efficient technology and sustainable design elements to the Ethanol production plant than what has currently been seen in North America in wheat-based ethanol production.


This project is the first of two planned. enCO2, LLC will be the general contractor and is commissioned to design the 12 MW UDR Biogas facility.